Shilton Glenys Consultants Limited

To create value to our customers through provision of quality consulting services!

Shilton Glenys Consultants Limited is a company that is in committed to the delivery of quality consulting services for the betterment of our client’s processes. We take pride in being a robust company that is able to tailor services to the best possible level to ensure that the clients are satisfied to the highest level possible. Our team of consultants works with the highest level of standards available in the industry. They often engage in activities that are geared towards their continued professional development (CPD). In recognizing that the client needs of today may be very different from the ones of tomorrow, our management has been committed to the enrolment of our consultants in top level training and development programs. These are usually delivered in collaboration with our training partners, whom we handpick based on the quality of their courses. 


The services we offer are tailored to make a difference in our clients. That is why we take full responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of all our services. We are committed to being accountable to the positive change that clients want to achieve in their operations after receiving our consultancy services..


Our staff respect the rights of our clients at all times, and aim to help them achieve their needs and facilitate them to reach their goals in the most hassle-free way. 


We put the clients’ needs at the forefront of every discussion we have with them. In order to ensure that the client’s requirements are well understood, we organise preliminary meet-ups with the clients and discuss with them all the details of the requirements. Through this method, we ensure that what the clients see as their final solution captures every bit of what they were having as a pain. 

Delivering Quality Consistently

We believe in the fact that consistency with quality means value, and value is a great driver of customer happiness. In our quality management practices, we set standards that ensure delivery of high quality and consistent services in all our consulting contracts. This ensures that all other aspects of our services take care of themselves. 


We believe that success does not come from acting in isolation. That is why we treasure the working relationships that we build with our clients. The relationships have always gone a long way in ensuring success for the clients and for us too. It is for this reason that we treasure every client that we deal with and ensure that their success is our task. And together, we can all succeed! 

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