Shilton Glenys



It is our satisfaction to help organizations, both small and large, to solve problems, create value for their customers, maximize growth and improve business performance. Through our expertise in business, we identify the best options for our clients and also advise on any additional resources required to implement working solutions. We offer consulting services in the following domains of business: 

a) Strategic planning

b) Business model innovation

c) Human resource management

d) Marketing

e) Advertising 

f) Supply chain design and management

g) Operations management

h) Customer relationship management 

i) Business process improvement

j) Business analytics


We work closely with our clients to help them make use of innovations in information technology to meet their specific business objectives. We also offer expertise that enable clients overcome organizational problems that require an IT solution. We do so by designing cutting-edge systems for our clients based on their specific requirements. And in case of existing IT infrastructure, our consultants are handy in providing improvements in the structure and efficiency of the IT systems for a range of organizations. Our expertise in IT has been trusted for cost estimation, deployment, implementation, management and administration of various information technology systems. We offer consulting services in the following areas:

a) IT System analysis, design and implementation

b) Network design and implementation

c) Cloud computing

d) Information security

e) Digital branding

f) Search engine optimization


We help universities and other organizations which are active in research to effectively streamline and manage their processes and deliverables. Our experience in research process management and research partnership creation will help your institution and organization to achieve the best in its research undertaking. We also offer onsite training for organizational research managers, research teams and other support staff on critical elements revolving around research. We offer consulting services in the following areas of research:

a) Research grant best practices

b) Alignment of research strategic plans

c) Scholarly communication

d) Knowledge exchange

e) Research commercialization 


Effective training has been recognized as a key tool in the development of good workforce around the globe. It is with this concept in mind that we develop and tailor our training consultancy services to meet the needs of our esteemed clients. 

We offer consulting services in the following areas of training:

a) Customization of courseware

b) Training partnership development

c) e-Learning development

d) Training needs assessment

e) Training evaluation

f) Instructional system design


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